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Join NJARC or renew your existing membership here.

All of the great member benefits, including our monthly newsletter The Jersey Broadcaster are available to club members.

Membership in the New Jersey Antique Radio Club is $25 per year for individual memberships, $30 per year for a family membership (2 persons.)  We also offer a Lifetime Membership for $250 (individual) and $300 (family.)  If  you are interested in a lifetime membership, please inquire with our Membership Secretary.

If joining in mid-year, dues are prorated as follows:

Join Date
April - June $18.75
July - September
October - December*
* End-of-year special: pay for full year, get the balance of this year included FREE.

Note that if you join in the 4th quarter of the year, you pay for the following year and get the 4th quarter of the currenty year included for free!

Please download a copy of our Membership Application, print it out, fill it in and send it with your membership fee to: Marsha Simkin, 33 Lakeland Drive, Barnegat, NJ 08005.

It helps keep expenses down for the club if you elect to pay by cash or check at any regular monthly meeting, swapmeet or other club event, or if you send in your dues by mail. However, you can also join immediately using PayPal, below.  

If you have any questions, you can contact  our Membership Secretary or our President.

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Membership in NJARC is pro-rated quarterly. Select the membership you desire (Individual or Family) for the quarter in which you are joining. (In other words, if joining during January, select the "First Quarter" option; if joining during September, select "Third Quarter.")

Current members renewing a membership should select the "Renewal" option below (either individual or family membership as appropriate.)   And please don't worry if you make a mistake. If you do, we'll refund your incorrect payment and help you make the right one.

Membership includes our monthly newsletter The Jersey Broadcaster. The newsletter is delivered online in PDF format via email. 

(If you cannot receive the newsletter online, you may request a printed copy to be mailed to you.  Online delivery offers the following benefits: you'll receive your newsletter sooner (the minute it is published!) and in color. The online newsletter also usually contains extra bonus content and you'll be joining our other online subscribers in helping the club save over $2,000 per year in printing and postage costs, not to mention a lot of folding, stapling and stamp licking by our editor!) 

Current NJARC members - Renew here
If you're renewing an existing membership, use this form: select either "Individual" or "Family" membership.
Membership Renewals
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Phone number

New members - Join here
If you're joining for the first time, during the First Quarter of the year (months of January, February or March) select here:
Membership: First Quarter
Street address
Phone number

Second Quarter:

If joining during the months of April, May or June, select here:
Membership: Second Quarter
Street address
Phone number

Third Quarter:

If joining during the months of July, August or September, select here:
Membership: Third Quarter
Street address
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Fourth Quarter: (Bonus)

If joining during the months of October or November or December, select here:

Note: pay for next year now and get the balance of this year included for FREE.
Membership: Fourth Quarter
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Questions? Problems? Please contact Dave Sica

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