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Club Information

Club Officers / Contact Information
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History of NJARC
Our Constitution
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NJARC Club Officers - 2022
Elected Officers
President Richard Lee president@njarc.org 914-589-3751
Vice President Sal Brisindi
Secretary Marv Beeferman secretary@njarc.org
Treasurer Harry Klancer
treasurer@njarc.org 732-238-1083
Sergeant-at-Arms (open) 
Trustees Ray Chase
Bill Zukowski
Phil Vourtsis
Past PresidentPhil Vourtsisphilvourtsis@gmail.com
Appointed Positions
Newsletter Editor Dave Sica webmaster@njarc.org 732-382-0618
Membership Secretary Marsha Simkin membership@njarc.org 609-660-8160
Technical Coordinator Al Klase guru@njarc.org
Tube Program Al Klase
tubes@njarc.org 908-892-5465
Capacitor Program Sal Brisindi
Resistor Program Sal Brisindi
resistors@njarc.org 732-857-7250
Schematic Program Aaron Hunter schematics@njarc.org 567-204-3850
Website Administrator Dave Sica webmaster@njarc.org 732-382-0618

Past Officers

A listing of past club officers.

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Membership Application

Join NJARC! All of our great  member benefits, including our monthly newsletter The Jersey Broadcaster are available to club members.

Join or renew your membership now, using PayPal.

Or, you can download a copy of our Membership Application here. Print it out, fill it in and send it with your membership fee to: Marsha Simkin, 33 Lakeland Drive, Barnegat, NJ 08005.

You can also join at any regular meeting or swapmeet, or you can call our Membership Secretary or President.

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Club History

The New Jersey Antique Radio Club was formed in the fall of 1992. After placing advertisements in Antique Radio Classified magazine and in local newspapers, Tony Flanagan convened a meeting of 15 charter members who formed the organization and elected Tony as NJARC's first president.

Tony ran the club for four years. He passed away in 1998. Here is a page dedicated to Tony.

Our 10th Anniversary video (also available on tape and DVD in the club video library) includes an introduction describing the beginnings of the club and showcases some of the more interesting presentations from our member "Show & Tell" meetings..

In 2007, the club celebrated its 15th birthday. Our 15th Anniversary video debuted at the 2007 holiday party and features highlights of the "Show & Tell" meetings from years 10 through 15.  

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Our Constitution

The New Jersey Antique Radio Club is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey. As such, it is legally required that we have a formal constitution spelling out the purpose of our organization.

Constitution and By-laws
of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be "New Jersey Antique Radio Club" and shall be referred to in this document as "NJARC".

Article II: Purpose

To educate the membership and promote the collection, restoration and repair of antique and collectible radios and related items. This will be accomplished by incorporating lectures and seminars into monthly meetings to share the expertise of individual members and guest speakers.

Article III: Location

The office of NJARC, where the general business of the corporation is transacted and where the records of the corporation are kept, is the residence of the President or Executive Board member(s) appointed by the President.

Article IV: Membership

A) Membership is open to any person interested in collecting, restoring or repairing antique and collectable radios or related items. This membership may be extended to the member's family allowing the member's spouse full membership for a nominal fee not to exceed 33 1/3 % above normal membership dues rounded up to the next dollar. Members are encouraged to bring their spouses and families to NJARC events.

B) A member in good standing is a member whose dues are current.

1. A member in good standing shall be afforded the privilege of voting, either in person or by proxy.

2. A member in good standing shall receive a newsletter as issued to each household.

3. A member will be dropped from the membership rolls after appropriate notification of non-payment of dues. To be reinstated, the member is required to remit a maximum of one years dues.

Article V: Officers and Executive Board

A) In June every two years, the membership shall elect seven members in good standing to the office of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-arms / Steward, Technical Coordinator and Trustee. The new President will then upon taking office, name one Trustee and if in order, the outgoing President will become a Trustee until the new President leaves office. The nine new officers will take office the month after the election, each will be members of the Executive Board and each will have one vote.

B) The Executive Board will convene when appropriate to set policy. Executive Board members may serve an indefinite number of terms as long as they continue to be elected by the majority vote of the general membership in good standing.

C) The President shall preside at all meetings of the members of the Executive Board, and assume leadership and responsibility for NJARC business.

D) The Vice-president, in the temporary absence of the President shall serve as the interim President, or in case of the President's death, resignation or inability to act, will assume the rights, powers and duties of the President until the completion of the present term. The office of Vice-president will then become vacant.

E) The Secretary shall maintain minutes of Executive Board and general meetings and report on the minutes to NJARC members either through the NJARC newsletter or at general meetings. In addition, the Secretary will maintain an up-to-date register of the names and addresses of all NJARC members in good standing and issue membership cards.

F) The Treasurer shall be responsible for all moneys, debts, obligations, documents, contracts and other financially related papers belonging to NJARC, in addition to paying NJARC bills and maintaining a record of receipts and expenses. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys of NJARC and deposit same in the bank account approved by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall make reports on the financial state of NJARC at NJARC meetings.

G) The Sergeant-at-arms / Steward shall be responsible for helping to maintain order at all meetings. At meetings the Steward will be responsible for preparing all food and beverages. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Steward will assure that the meeting hall is in the same condition as when the members arrived.

H) The Technical Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling technical discussions on topics of interest to the general membership of NJARC. The Technical Coordinator is to have maximum discretion in choosing topics and speakers.

I) The Trustees shall sit on the Executive Board and act in an advisory capacity.

J) Each Executive Board member shall be subject to removal by the following procedure upon receipt of a recall petition signed by one-third of NJARC membership in good standing. At a general meeting of the club membership, with two-thirds of the vote of a quorum of members in good standing voting in the affirmative, they may remove the Executive Board member.

K) Vacancies on the Executive Board due to: death, resignation, matters of health or cause, except as prescribed elsewhere, shall be filled by majority vote of the remaining NJARC Executive Board members from the general membership and the new Executive Board member shall serve until the upcoming general election meeting in June of the election year.

L) The Executive Board may create whatever committees or make whatever appointments are necessary to facilitate the operation of NJARC. Such committees and appointments shall operate under Executive Board guidelines.

M) The Executive Board shall appoint a Newsletter Editor. This editor shall publish the NJARC Newsletter, with the help of other NJARC members who volunteer for such activity, for distribution to NJARC members in good standing. Except for official NJARC By-laws and policies, and subject to future review by the NJARC Executive Board or NJARC membership, the Newsletter Editor shall have maximum discretion in deciding newsletter content, format, subjects of articles, advertisement and all other newsletter content.

N) The responsibility for running fund raising events such as, but not limited to, fleamarkets and conferences shall rest with the Executive Board. Dates and times of such events shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall inform the membership of such events at least 60 days before the event and call for volunteers from time to time to insure success.

O) The expenditure of NJARC funds for the purpose of promoting NJARC sponsored events or to facilitate the operation of NJARC is at the descretion of the Executive Board by a simple majority vote.

Article VI: Meetings

A) NJARC shall hold monthly meetings.

B) The June meeting of every year ending in an even number will serve as the monthly meeting at which time the election of Executive Board members will be held. Instead of a nominating committee, all nominations will come from the floor.

C) Notice of general meetings setting forth date, time and place of the meeting shall be mailed to all NJARC members at least seven days prior to the meeting date and may be made part of the NJARC newsletter and / or put in a suitable non-NJARC publication such as Antique Radio Classified.

D) A Quorum shall be required for transaction of all business before the general membership.

1. A quorum shall consist of at least 20 percent or 20 members, whichever is fewer, of the NJARC membership in good standing, present or represented by proxy.

2. A proxy is a signed and dated statement of intent by a member in good standing, giving another member in good standing their vote.

3. The NJARC Secretary shall be the authority on members in good standing based on membership records, and will pass on the validity of any challenged proxy accordingly.

4. Each NJARC member in good standing for at least 28 days shall be entitled to one vote.

E) When not inconsistent with provisions of the NJARC Constitution and By-laws, Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all meetings. However, these rules may be suspended at any time by majority vote of the Executive Board at Executive Board meetings or by majority vote of a quorum at NJARC general meetings.

Article VII: Personal Liability

All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with or having any claim against NJARC or its Executive Board members shall look only to the funds and property of NJARC for payment of any contract or claim or for payment of any debt or any money that might otherwise become due or payable to them from NJARC, or NJARC officers, respectively, so that neither the NJARC membership or NJARC Executive Board members past, present or future, shall be personally liable therefore.

Article VIII: Adoption of Constitution and By-laws.

This Constitution shall become effective immediately following it's adoption by consent of the majority of NJARC members present at the October, 1998 meeting of NJARC, with notice to be given, and the Constitution to be included in the November 1998 NJARC Newsletter or handed out at the November, 1998 meeting.

Article IX: Dissolution

Upon a two-thirds vote for dissolution of NJARC, any assets in the form of money in the treasury of NJARC, will be donated to an organization chosen by two-thirds vote of the surviving general membership in good standing. Other tangible assets owned by NJARC will be liquidated by sale or auction and the proceeds donated to the organization chosen above or to another chosen by two-thirds vote of the surviving general membership in good standing. Other property held but not owned by NJARC will be returned to the rightful owner or heir.

Article X: Dues and Assessments

A) Annual dues are $20.00. Changes may be made at monthly meetings by majority vote of a quorum, providing notice of such proposals have been given to members in good standing at least seven days before the meeting.

B) The Executive Board may assess participants in NJARC sponsored events or at meetings an amount above the membership dues to cover costs to NJARC.

Article XI: Compensation

No part of the net holdings of NJARC shall be used, to or for the benefit of, or be distributed to individual NJARC members, Executive Board members, or other private persons, except that NJARC Executive Board is authorized to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered, reimburse out-of-pocket costs of NJARC members in good standing for approved activities, and spend money on other activities in furtherance of purposes set forth in this Constitution and By-laws.

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The NJARC Museum at InfoAge

The New Jersey Antique Radio Club is a Member Organization of InfoAge. InfoAge is a group of cooperating non-profit organizations dedicated to the preservation and education of information age technologies.

InfoAge is based at the site of the original Marconi Transatlantic Station at Camp Evans, Belmar, New Jersey. The NJARC museum opened to the public in September, 2006. The NJARC museum also contains the National Broadcasters' Hall of Fame collection, which the club curates. Restoration of remainder of the extensive InfoAge property continues.

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