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Antique Radio Collecting Links

Here are some links to other web sites related to antique radio collecting which you may find interesting. If you have a site you feel should be on this list, please submit it to the NJARC web administrator.

Do we have a link to YOUR site?

NJARC's YouTube channel  Click Here for links to some of NJARC's favorite YouTube videos

= NJARC member site

Greater New York Vintage Wireless Association - The Long Island Antique  Radio Club

Fisher Consoles - 100s of free manuals
Electronic Fossil - Mike Molnar's website featuring Marconi items and much more

Radio Daze - featuring components, products, services, supplies and information for the vintage electronics marketplace.

Just Radios - antique radio schematics and capacitors for old vintage tube radios.

Antique Electronic Supply - tubes, parts, supplies, and literature for vacuum tube equipment.
John Dilks' Old Radio Column in QST Magazine.
WWII Navy Radio - Club member Rob Flory's site.
Les Flory Television and Electronics - Les Flory helped Vladimir Zworykin invent television at RCA. This is his grandson Rob's documentation of Les's career and tribute to him.

HARPS (Hudson Valley Antique Radio and Phonograph Society) website

Silver, Sounds and Stuff  Over 1900 pictures of antique radios, and more.
Dave Sica's collection

The Fisher Radio Corporation. Fisher repair in Staten Island, NY.

Online Interactive Electronics Training. Free tutorials on DC electronics, AC electronics, Digital and more from the Wisconsin Online Resource Center.

The Morse Telegraph Club, Inc. is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the perpetuation of the knowledge and traditions of telegraphy.

DialCover.com - Mark Palmquist's source for reproduction radio dial covers and many other hard to find parts.

The Radio Amateur's Handbook by A. Frederick Collins,1922. An e-text from Project Gutenberg.

Dynakit - Vacuum tube audio products

Modern Mechanix Blog. This link opens to stories about radio, but there are hundreds of  articles from many different old magazines on this site. 

Mike's Electric Stuff. An interesting "old technology" website from the U.K. 

Bob Lozier's website mostly about vintage broadcast radio technology.

Edison, His Life and Inventions - 1910. An e-text from Project Gutenberg.

Antique Radio Classified  The magazine for antique radio collectors


ARC's Links Page Extensive list of antique radio links.


Antique Wireless Association (AWA) The oldest and largest organization dedicated to antique radio collecting.


Radio Club of America The World's First Radio Communication Society. Founded 1909.

  Riders Radio Manuals Online. Eugene Hertz has placed the entire 23 volume series of Riders radio schematics online.
  Visit the NBC Studios in 1930 and a whole lot of other information about Broadcasting in Chicago, 1921-1989
  Foxhole Radios - Don Adamson's radio page  (archived)
  MAARC's Radio History site
  The Sparks Telegraph Key review
  The W1TP Telegraph Key collection

Microphones. Coutant.org.  This site describes many of the types of microphones used in broadcasting and recording studios, including several vintage models.
  The Museum of Radio and Technology in Huntington, West Virginia.

38-9 Philco Restoration Saul Einbinder's outstanding documentation the restoration of this set. Don't miss this site: you won't believe this was his first restoration -- or his first web page!

Radio Attic Over 1,100 radios and
radio-related items for sale

Ben Tongue's Web Page Ben Tongue of Blonder-Tongue fame has put together a fascinating and scholarly web site on the subject of "Crystal Radio Set Systems: Design, Measurement and Improvement. Well worth a look!

New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame Ben Tongue & Ike Blonder were 2002 Award Winners.

Sal's Antique Radios See Sal's collection. Read about Sal's radio exploits. Catch a view of Sal's workbench! See young Sal!


InfoAge is a dedicated to the preservation and education of information age technologies.  NJARC is a member organization of InfoAge.


Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club (DVHRC) Our sister club across the river.


BoatAnchor Manual Archive KG7BZ Military Manual Collection


Tube Collectors Association NJARC alum Lud Sibley is involved with this one.

Crystal Sets and Boat Anchors "Skywaves" by Al Klase.


MZTV the MZTV Television Museum


Chuck Pharis Major league television collector's web site.


Labguy's World The History of the Video Tape Recorder before Betamax and VHS


Tesla Memorial Society The Official Nikola Tesla organization.


Antique Radio Restoration & Repair Professional restoration services for tube-type equipment (in Connecticut)


Amateur Radio Hamfest Calendar Sponsored by the Victor Amateur Radio Association (former RCA Amateur Radio Club)


Victor Links Amateur Radio links from the Victor Amateur Radio Club.


Major Edwin H. Armstrong Mike Katzdorn's website about one of radio's premiere inventors.


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