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Some Photos from NJARC's 2005 Holiday Party

Attendees It was a capacity crowd at NJARC's 2005 Holiday Party, held in the auditorium of the David Sarnoff Library.
Club president Phil Vourtsis called the meeting to order.

Phil reviewed the events of the past year and talked a bit about the bright but challenging future for the club at InfoAge. But the primary business of the day, as planned, was food and fellowship.
The food was great, as usual. And here, the dessert table beckons!
The cake went so fast, I didn't even get a picture of it before it was cut.
NJARC Vice President Richard Lee showed up decked out appropriately for the occasion...
...very appropriately!
Our usual 50/50 was replaced with a special Holiday Party "Winner-Take-All" version.
Club Treasurer Sal Brisindi counts the evening's 50/50 proceeds.
Here's another picture of Sal with the only thing he loves more than old radios...Handling the money.

I mean, his wife!

No, I mean he loves his wife, not handling his wife.

Oh, never mind!
President Vourtsis gets ready to announce the winning 50/50 ticket.

And the winner is...
...President Vourtsis!
(What are the odds of that?)

And read on for the other "amazing coincidence" of the evening! (Hint: the other suspicious character is in this picture.)
Actually grandpa Phil is only holding the pot for the real winner until he comes of legal age.
Of course, the big event of the evening was the Mystery Grab Bag gift exchange.
In the gift exchange, each participant gets to select a wrapped gift, then decides if they want to keep it or trade it with (steal it from) a previous giftee!

Here, Ray Chase is pondering his original selection, before the chicanery starts.
Rich Skoba is surely thinking "Gee, I hope this is a case of NOS WD-11s!"
The smaller the kid, the bigger the present!
The kids had a great time pulling the winning names out of the hat. Daniella Brisindi was the ringleader.

Daniella's father Sal kept "reminding" her to pick his name last, since the last name called effectively had choice of all the gifts.
John Timoczyk makes his selection.
Well, it's probably not a console radio, but John Acacia no doubt found something very interesting in the box.
A radio puzzle? Not bad... You can't get these at K-Mart!
Our Texas member, NJ-expatriate Jon Butz-Fiscina flew in for the evening's festivities with his wife Robin.
Nothing brings out the holiday spirit in a radio collector like a musty Hallicrafters!
Probably not a factory original, this "Zenith" was still definitely a prized selection!
Gerry Dowgin's selection brings applause from the crowd.
And every year there's at least one "must have" gift in the bunch. This year, there were two!

Al Klase unwrapped his package to find a very nice Crosley portable...
Which was promptly "confiscated" by Ray Chase...
Who owned it for all of a few seconds, passed it on to it's new owner, but only briefly because...
Edith Chase looks like she's up to no good...
And sure enough, she pulls the ol' switcheroo...
And gleefully revels in her ill-gotten gains...
But only for a minute until Dave Sica kindly relieves her of it...
But couldn't stave off a successful last minute play by Bob Bennett who took the Crosley home!
Generating somewhat less vigorous swapping action, but no less desirable, this fully restored, recapped, refinished and working set was selected by Steve Calandra...
But went through several sets of hands before ultimately being claimed by Sal Brisindi.

(Hey Sal, wait a minute! Wasn't that your daughter pulling the names from the hat?)
And perhaps one of the most picturesque gifts of the evening was selected by Rick Weingarten.

Wrapped in vintage advertsing...
Rick's present contained a brass based, tipped '01A and 2 type 40(??) tubes.
See you all next year!

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